Bear With Me

The ISBerne student literary magazine, Bear With Me, is an impressive and entertaining publication that was produced last spring by a group of Secondary students. The magazine is both fun and thought provoking with essays and dissertations on subjects ranging from the societal effect of violent video games to the rendering of certain knowledge as obsolete. These are interspersed with fun articles such as The Real Football and Skateboarding in Bangkok. We have made the digital version of the publication available for download on below. 



ISBerne offers on-campus experience to Online students

Sarah Senanayake is an ISBerne Online student who opted to take advantage of the Study Abroad program in order to spend some time in a campus environment.

An ISBerne 5th grade student explores electric cars

Noah Lofthouse, a 5th grade student at ISBerne, researched electric cars for his end-of-year exhibition. In this video segment, he is interviewed by Ms. Deirdre Coghlan, Communication Coordinator at ISBerne.




Another fruit from the Grade 5 PYP projects, STOP TECHING!, examines how technology affects our daily functioning, for better or worse.

Nathan Brady and Ayush Pannu, from Grade 5, via the Exhibition Action component of the PYP project, hope to raise awareness regarding the impact communication technology has on our daily lives. They have created, written, filmed, directed, edited, and posted a video to youtube in order to spread awareness.

Online Communities for Kids

Gigi Perret, for her Grade 5 PYP project, has investigated the value of online communities to prevent feelings of isolation. One component of this personal investigation was to create this stop motion lego video, starring Brick, to educate kids on the numerous themed communities available.

Autism and Education

This video was self produced by Aidan, a Grade 5 student at ISBerne. It was part of a large school project based on the theme, Sharing the Planet and Its Limited Resources. Aidan chose to explore equal access to education and to focus specifically on Education and Autism. He was tasked with putting together a video to help educate teachers.

These are his ideas and his words, and he says it all, quite eloquently and succinctly.

Great job Aidan!

A Plea for Help from a Grade 5 Student

Please Help Make a Difference!

Every 21 seconds, someone dies because of lack of access to safe drinking water. About all of these people without access to drinking water live in developing countries. These people do not have safe drinking water because their governments are not investing in it. They also do not have the technology because they cannot afford it. They cannot afford it because countries like theirs have debts to pay. They have debts to pay like countries like ours. In reality, it is us who are keeping all these poor people without access to safe drinking water.

Just think, you, an average person, probably take about a 5-minute shower a day. That uses up 40 gallons of water. Imagine what a person without safe drinking water could do with that amount of drinking water. Looking forward to that hamburger your going to eat for dinner? It takes 17,000 gallons of water just to produce one single hamburger. Again, just imagine what someone with no drinking water could do with will all that water. We need to help these people! We all need to take part in helping these people! Here is a way you can start: donate to my fundraising page.

The money you donate will go to building a well to pump water for a village in Africa. My fundraising goal is 7,000 USD. If you would like to make sure your money is being used productively, please feel free to visit:, access the ‘Ways to give’ section and then select the ‘Empowerment’ section.

Thank you for your time. It would be AMAZING if you could donate and make a difference!

Dugan Miller, Grade 5, ISBerne


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